In the Spring of 2010, a group of residents in Newport’s East Row neighborhood came together to form a community pool and social clubwith the purchase of an acre of land on Nelson Street. The property included a pool, clubhouse and surrounding grounds. In its first year, the new owners made major improvements to the grounds and fully renovated and furnished the clubhouse. Today the East Row Pool and Social Club is more than just a pool. The club hosts events throughout the year. The clubhouse is available to members for socializing, children’s parties, party reservations, watching television, playing cards, book clubs, using the fitness room and more.

In other words,
East Row Pool & Social Club: always open, always ready. What does it mean to be on vacation? How do you feel? Free. Refreshed. Alive. That is how you will feel at the East Row Pool & Social Club – it is vacation everyday!

Board Members for the 2018-2019 Term

Karen Majors           President
Anita Kramer           Secretary
Clare Ellerman        Treasurer
Jeff Hartman           Clubhouse Chair
Bill Kreutzjans         Grounds Chair
Jen Dershem           Pool Chair
Sarah Leyshock       Social Chair

East Row Pool and Social Club • 708 Nelson Place • Newport KY 41071