Private Parties

The clubhouse is a great place to host a private event. The kitchen is stocked with settings/glassware for 24, and the dining tables will comfortably accommodate 18 adults. The kitchen is also well equipped for kids. Every party held at the Clubhouse helps our bottom line and provides funds for future ERPSC events.

You will need to complete a guest list sign in form before your event. You may fill out this form, or create a written list of your own.

Date of Application
Date of Application
Name *
Date of Your Event
Date of Your Event


Private party instructions, including guidelines for cleanup, can be downloaded here:

A Review of Private Party Reservation Policies:
1. Members may reserve 12 months to 3 days in advance.
2. Members may hold a max of three reservations at one time
3. Members may hold only one peak time reservation per month.
4. Members are responsible for cleaning and returning the premises to pre-event condition
no later than 9am the following morning. Morning and midday events must be cleaned
up one hour after the event ends.  Events must end by 2pm on pool season weekends.  Guests who remain onsite beyond 2pm must be signed in as a guest under the member's name ($5 per guest).  No events are permitted during regular and post-season Bengal's games or holidays during pool season.
5. Contact the Events/Membership Chair, to secure a reservation.
6. Reservations are $60 per event.
7. Fee must be received by Treasurer within 7 days of request.
8. Cancellation within seven days of event will result in forfeit of fee.
9. Up to 40 guests may be invited, including members and non-members.
10. Members must be present during entirety of event.
11. Multiple parties on the same day will be permitted with the consent of both Members.




By signing below I acknowledge the following:
1. that my dependent or dependents listed below are permitted to be at the East Row Pool
and Social Club to use the facilities, including the house, grass area, basketball area and
exercise room, but excluding the pool, without parental supervision.
2. that I am familiar with the East Row Pool and Social Club facilities, including the house,
grass area, basketball area and exercise room, and pool and I assume on behalf of
myself, my family, my listed dependents and all of our collective successors and heirs, all
risk of injury or harm of any form that may arise from the use of such facilities or my
child’s presence at such facilities.
3. that in consideration of my assumption of risk and the use of facilities by the below
listed dependents, on behalf of myself, my family, my listed dependents and all of our
collective successors and heirs, we hereby release the East Row Pool and Social Club
from any and all liability, damages, claims of any kind which may arise as a result of the
dependent’s use of or presence at the facilities.
4. that if I or my listed dependents do not adhere to the East Row Pool and Social Club
rules and regulations my dependent’s ability to use the facilities without parental
supervision may be revoked by the Board of Directors.
6. I acknowledge that this form must be submitted at least annually to the Board of

Name *
Name of Dependent 1
Name of Dependent 1
Name of Dependent 2
Name of Dependent 2
Name of Dependent 3
Name of Dependent 3
Name of Dependent 4
Name of Dependent 4




Hannaford Condo Association Rules

The pool is open only to ERPSC members, the Hannaford Council of Co-Owners or designated Hannaford residents. Only owners or designated residents have guest privileges; dependents do not.

(The Hannaford Condominium Council is not part of the ERPSC. The Hannaford council of C0-owners or designated Hannaford residents are granted access to the pool through a recreational facilities easement agreement.  Owners and residents make a significant contribution to the associated expenses of the pool and grounds,  but they are not owners of the property. The use of the clubhouse is restricted to ERPSC members only.)

Hannaford residents may access the pool using a security code at the south entrance gate. No one is permitted to provide the security code to guests or anyone else.

Hannaford residents must post a current pass to the outside of the mail box at the South Hannaford entrance gate every time he or she enters the gate.

Guests of the Hannaford are required to have a completed guest pass, also posted to the mail box. Once the guest has left, the paper pass must be placed inside the mail box.

Members, owners and residents are granted 10 free guest passes per membership year (starting with the pool’s opening in May). Additional guest passes may be purchased for $5 each by contacting the ERPSC membership chairperson.

Questions about the guest passes, may direct them to Hannaford contact property manager.

All guests must have a signed pass. Guests may not remain at the pool without the hosting member present. Any abuse of the guest policy may be addressed by the membership committee.

If members, owners or residents wish to reserve a portion of the pool patio for groups exceeding the 10-guest limitation, contact the membership chairperson to ask for discretionary permission.

Hannaford residents and their guests are allowed to use the pool and its patio, the grounds, playground, fire pit, tables and grills as well as the downstairs bathroom facilities.

Hannaford residents and their guests are not permitted to use the clubhouse, including the kitchen or bathrooms.

The pool’s operating hours are typically from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., generally between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Peak member times are generally on holidays, Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays during the pool season. Reservations of thepool depends on availability around club events.

Pets are not permitted on club or pool grounds

Glass is not allowed on the pool deck, and food is prohibited within 3 feet of the pool.

Smoking is permitted outdoors only in the designated area on the patio’s east side.

Appropriate swimwear is expected in the pool, and no cut-off clothing is permitted (it can clog the pool filter).

All diapered or non-toilet-trained children must wear approved swim diapers at all times.

Please clean up after yourselves using the provided trash or recycling receptacles.

Take all personal items home (especially alcoholic beverages), take down umbrellas and return club pool toys to the storage bins before leaving.

Adult swim times are designated for Thursdays from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

No running, pushing, horseplay, dunking, diving or multi-person rafts are permitted.

The pool must be vacated when lightning is spotted, and may not be used until 30 minutes have passed without lightning.

Members, owners and residents are responsible for their guests’ actions at the pool.